Things Go Online (TGO) is a global, decentralized rewards ecosystem for sustainable attitudes and projects.

TGO is a utility and reward Token used to reward sustainability attitudes and projects registered in the XRP Ledger.

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Like other tokens in the XRP Ledger, TGO is freely transferable and tradable on the XRP Ledger, meaning you can send it to other users or trade it against other tokens. The issuing account has been permanently locked and it can never freeze any TGO holder or issue more tokens.

How it works

  • IOT devices measure the sustainable projects/attitudes and send their issued token (KWH, CO2, etc) to the TGO certified XRPL address.

  • The TGO certified XRPL address sends back (swap) TGO tokens to the project/attitude XRPL address.

  • TGO Trading (Buy and Sell Orders).

  • Companies + people buy the TGO token in the Exchange and send it back to the TGO issuer.

  • The TGO Certifying entity issues the TGO-NFT (named GIVEBACK) and sends it back to the companies + people, certifying the sustainability value supported by them.

Mission, Vision, Core Values and Competences


  • Create Internet Value for Sustainable Projects and Attitudes. Our goal is to become the main global, decentralized rewards ecosystem for sustainable attitudes and projects. We aim at bringing innovation to the traditional market of environmental impact mitigation, such as carbon credits and carbon markets.


  • Our vision is to engage and make it easy for every person and companies of all sizes to account for and mitigate their environmental and social footprint, by running, working on, or supporting sustainable projects and sustainable attitudes.


  • Our core team excels in sustainability, economics,hardware/software engineering, and in Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I).

Core Values

  • Innovation: TGO brings innovation to the socio-environmental impact compensation markets through an exclusive model that brings flexibility, accessibility and greater reliability to the momentization of sustainable attitudes and projects;

  • Sustainability: in order to achieve sustainability we must balance economic, environmental and social factors in equal harmony. To account and support global-wide sustainable projects and attitudes we’ve designed the ThingsGo.Online ecosystem;

  • Trust: True collaboration can only exist in an environment of trust. The TGO working environment is open, honest, collaborative, and community oriented. Our team feels comfortable and confident to take risks, and trust their ideas will be well received. The team members do not undermine one another, nor do they try to take credit for others’ ideas and work;

  • Creativity: Team members are sources of new ideas, fueling better solutions. TGO embraces humor, laughter and having fun while working towards a common goal;

  • Community: The TGO ecosystem is designed to be communitydriven, based on service, on participation, and on interactions. We put in time, energy, ideas and money, going toward the goal of helping the community thrive;


  1. Q4-21

    ✅ First version of the TGO

  2. Q4-21

    ✅ Blackholing the TGO issuer account address

  3. Q4-21

    ✅ First Trustline-based TGO-token's airdrop

  4. Q4-21

    ✅ Writing and Publishing the first version of the white paper, describing the TGO ecosystem and proposed value

  5. Q1-22

    ✅ Launching the new TGO website

  6. Q1-22

    ✅ Integration of our universal IOT measurement device with XRP Ledger - Laboratory prototype test

  7. Q1-22

    ✅ Launch the second and third airdrop campaigns

  8. Q2-22

    ✅ Launch of the first real use case of the TGO ecosystem: measurement and reward of a solar energy generation power plant

  9. Q2-22

    ✅ Launch the fourst airdrop campaign

  10. Q3-22

    ✅ Launch the fifth airdrop campaign

  11. Q3-22

    ✅ Issue a patent application for tokenizing the ethanol fuel consumption in gas stations

  12. Q4-22

    ✅ Apply for the XRP Ledger Grant - Wave 4

  13. Q4-22

    ✅ Register the TGO as a legal company in Brazil

  14. Q1-23

    ⌛ Sign a partnership with a brazilian company to tokenize ethanol fuel consumption in gas stations

  15. Q1-23

    ⌛ Development of the project approved by the XRP Ledger Grant - Wave 4

  16. Q1-23

    ⌛ Updating the white paper

  17. Q2-23

    📆 Evaluate the XRPL Hooks feature to automate the swap of the Device Token to TGO reward token

  18. Q2-22

    📆 Integrating Global.id and Xumm KYC verification into the process of certificating the measurement and accounting of sustainable projects and attitudes

  19. Q3-23

    ⌛ Design the TGO-NFT token, named GIVEBACK

  20. Q3-23

    ⌛ Sign international partnership for certification of the TGO ecosystem

  21. Q3-23

    📆 Launch the GIVEBACK NFT Token allowing people and companies to swap TGO and GIVEBACK tokens

  22. Q3-23

    📆 Start the procedures to list the TGO Token in a centralized exchange

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Meet the TGO team members

Fernando Matta

I am an information technology technician at the Instituto Federal Fluminense (IF Fluminense). I have experience in blockchain, applications with trades and hold in cryptoassets, fundamentalist analysis and technical analysis. However, I am also autonomous in the marketing area with the launch of influencers and professional profiles

Galba Arueira

have a degree in Analysis and Systems Development. I have experience in Computer Science, with an emphasis on Computer Systems. Experience with: Requirements elicitation, Business Process Modeling, Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, Python/Pygame/PyQT/Django, C/C++, RTOS, Git Version Control, TDD and BDD (Agile Development), ModBus Protocol, LoRa Wan , EIS/ERP system. I currently serve as CTO of the software development company LRGE Systems.

Hiago Gama

I am a Mechatronics Engineer, Master in Systems Applied to Engineering and Management from Instituto Federal Fluminense (IFFluminense). My academic background focused on the development of remote environmental monitoring systems. I am currently working as CEO of ENELTEC - Energia Elétrica e Tecnologia. I coordinate the technical development of innovative projects in the monitoring and robotics fields for companies in the secondary and tertiary sectors, involving the design and prototyping of printed circuit boards and the use of C, Python, and MicroPython programming languages. Technologies: AutoCAD 2019, C, KiCAD, MicroPython, Python, Ultimaker Cura.

Lucas Rodrigues

I have a degree in Information Systems from the Fluminense Federal Institute (2016) and a professional master's degree in Integrated Systems for Engineering and Management from the Fluminense Federal Institute (2018). I have experience in Computer Science, with an emphasis on Computer Systems. Experience with: Requirements elicitation, Business Process Modeling, Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, Python/Pygame/PyQT/Django, C/C++, RTOS, Git Version Control, TDD and BDD (Agile Development), ModBus Protocol, LoRa Wan , EIS/ERP system. I currently serve as CEO of the software development company LRGE Systems.

Ricardo Amaral Remer

REMER IP Office founding partner. Registered IP Agent. Chemical Engineer, M.Sc and Post-Graduate degree in Intellectual Property Law; I have experience in: Consulting in Innovation Management, Intellectual Property and Patent Engineering; Patent and Technology Transference: consulting, prosecution, negotiation and litigation; Unfair Competition. Professor in the Post-graduation course of Intellectual Property (Patent) at Getúlio Vargas Foundation; Professor in the Post-graduation course in Strategic Management of Technological Innovation (Intellectual Property) at the University of Campinas – UNICAMP; Professor in the Post-graduation course in Defense Engineering (Patent Engineering) at Military Institute of Engineering – IME; Tutor of the DL301 (Patent) and DL 204 (Biotechnology and Intellectual Property) course at World Intellectual Property Organization Academy (WIPO Academy); Professor in the MBA for Health Innovation Management (Intellectual Property) at the Butantan Institute; Scientific member of Editorial Team of Science, Technology and Innovation of Federal University of Espírito Santo – UFES.

Rodrigo Martins Fernandes

I am a co-founder of TGO and ENELTEC companies. I hold a B.Sc. and D.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA in Innovation Management. I have experience in power electronics, renewable energies, energy quality/efficiency, embedded systems, IoT, and blockchain. I am a professor and researcher at a Brazilian Federal Institute; also a council member of the Industry Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro; and the masterminding of COSOLAR, the first solar power generation Cooperative from Rio de Janeiro State. Awarded with an Order of Merit by the City Council of Campos/RJ, in notorious recognition of the achievements in the area of technology.

Rogerio Atem de Carvalho

I am a co-founder of TGO. I hold a B.Sc. in Informatics, M.Sc. and D.Sc. in Operations Research, and a MBA in Innovation Management. I have experience in Product Design, Intellectual Property Management and in the development of Software and Hardware products in the Aerospace, Environmental, Agriculture, Industrial, Health, Defense, and Banking areas. I apply Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Optimization, Software Engineering, and Blockchain (of course!) to solve problems in organizations. I am a full Professor and researcher in Informatics with the Federal Fluminense Institute, where my work was recognized by ECLAC/UN as one the cases of the Big Push for Sustainability in 2020 and 2021, and as a promising practice for education for innovation & environment, by Unevoc/Unesco/UN in 2019. Previously, I was awarded for my global contributions to Informatics by IFIP/Unesco/UN in 2006, 2007 and 2011.

Ronald Lopes

I have a degree in Computer Engineering from Instituto Federal Fluminense (2021). With experience in software development, Data Science and Machine Learning. Other skills and knowledge that I can highlight are: Project management, Requirements Elicitation, Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, Python, Django, C/C++, TensorFlow, Pandas, Docker, Git Version Control, Agile methodologies, EIS/ERP system. Currently I work as COO of the software development company LRGE Systems.

Jestin Paul

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a masters in Sustainability from Germany. I am also a developer and a influencer in blockchain technology currently looking after the social profiles of TGO , marketing and customer Care.