A global rewards ecosystem for sustainable attitudes and projects


  • IOT devices measure the sustainable projects/attitudes and send their issued token (KWH, CO2, etc) to the TGO certified XRPL address.

  • The TGO certified XRPL address sends back (swap) TGO tokens to the project/attitude XRPL address.

  • TGO Trading (Buy and Sell Orders).

  • Companies + people buy the TGO token in the Exchange and send it back to the TGO issuer.

  • The TGO Certifying entity issues the TGO-NFT (named GIVEBACK) and sends it back to the companies + people, certifying the sustainability value supported by them.


Built on top of XRP Ledger.

More info coming soon...

Global Partners


  • Supported by

  • Alya Nanosatellites


      Q4 21
    • • First version of the TGO website;
    • • Blackholing the TGO issuer account address;
    • • First Trustline-based TGO-token's Air Drop;
    • • Writing and Publishing the first version of the white paper, describing the TGO ecosystem and proposed value;

      Q1 22
    • • Updating the white paper;
    • • Launching the new TGO website;
    • • Integration of our universal IOT measurement device with XRP Ledger;
    • • Launch the second Air Drop campaign;
    • • Launch of the first real use case of the TGO ecosystem: measurement and online value creation for a sustainable project already in operation;
    • • Sign international partnership for certification of the TGO ecosystem;
    • • Start the procedures to list the TGO Token in a centralized exchange;
    • • Design the TGO-NFT token, named GIVEBACK;

      Q2 22
    • • Launch the GIVEBACK NFT Token allowing people and companies to swap TGO and GIVEBACK tokens;
    • • Integrating Global.id and Xumm KYC verification into the process of certificating the measurement and accounting of sustainable projects and attitudes;
    • • Integrating XRPL Hooks feature to automate the TGO-”Measurement Token” swap process.