General Info

  • ✔ Starting Date: Apr 1st 2023
  • ✔ Ending Date: not defined
  • ✔ Payout time basis: Daily
  • ✔ APY (Annual Percentage Yield): 20%
  • ✔ Daily APY (Annual Percentage Yield): 0,05%

Eligible Accounts

  • ✔ Have a Trustline set to the TGO issuer account (rTGoNeK6vpu28U2oE5tiqhH3x8z2jBhxv);
  • ✔ Hold a minimum TGO balance of 50k for more than 7 days, during the airdrop period. The days counting only starts after the account address gets subscribed;
  • ✔ Subscribe your account address using the web form below, under the section "Subscribe your XRP Ledger Account to the Daily AirDrop", and agree to the disclosures. You can subscribe anytime during the Airdrop period. If you want to unsubscribe your account address from the Airdrop, please contact us by e-mail or the web form at the footer of this page.

Daily Payout Calculation

  • To set the daily TGO payout for each account, we first calculate the daily percentage yield based on the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) defined for the Airdrop. Then, we apply this percentage to the minimum TGO balance held by the account over the last 7 days.


  • ✔ Daily_APY = (1+0.2)^(1/365)-1 = 0.0005 = 0.05%
  • ✔ TGO daily balances' history = 70k, 70k, 80k, 55k, 90k, 100k, 100k;
  • ✔ min_TGO_balance (over the last 7 days) = 55k;
  • ✔ TGO payout amount = min_TGO_balance x Daily_APY
  • ✔ TGO payout amount = 55k x 0.0005 = 27.5 TGO


  • ✔ Participation: By participating in this cryptocurrency airdrop campaign, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations established by the campaign organizer.
  • ✔ Eligibility: This cryptocurrency airdrop campaign is open only to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria established by the campaign organizer. The campaign organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant who does not meet these criteria.
  • ✔ Disclosure: The campaign organizer is committed to disclosing all relevant information about the cryptocurrency airdrop campaign, including the amount of cryptocurrency to be distributed, the campaign period, and any other relevant information. The campaign organizer reserves the right to make changes or updates to this information at any time.
  • ✔ Limitation of Liability: The campaign organizer is not liable for any losses or damages arising from participation in this cryptocurrency airdrop campaign. Participants assume all risk associated with participation in this campaign.
  • ✔ Taxes and Regulations: Participants in this cryptocurrency airdrop campaign are responsible for complying with all applicable tax laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. The campaign organizer is not responsible for any taxes or fees that participants may be required to pay.
  • ✔ Suspension or Cancellation: The campaign organizer reserves the right to suspend or cancel this cryptocurrency airdrop campaign at any time, for any reason. In such case, participants will not be entitled to any reward or compensation.
  • ✔ Possible system failures: Although the Daily TGO Payment System was tested prior to its launch, it may encounter occasional errors during operation that could result in participants not receiving TGO token payments. In such cases, the campaign organizer reserves the right to determine when past payments will be retried, and participants will not be eligible for any rewards or compensation.
  • ✔ Acceptance of Terms: By participating in this cryptocurrency airdrop campaign, you agree to all disclosure clauses established by the campaign organizer and confirm that you have read and understood all relevant information about the campaign

Subscribe your XRP Ledger Account to the Daily AirDrop

By subscribing to the AirDrop you agree with all the terms, rules, disclosures and conditions detailed in this webpage.

TGO Earnings Report (current month)

Day of the month TGO Minimum Balance TGO Earning Amount Bonus Multiplier Engine Result Transaction Hash Transaction Result

How can you buy TGO

  • At the moment, TGO is only traded in the XRP Ledger decentralized exchange, so you will need to have a self-custody account on XRP Ledger to buy it. You can do that by installing the Xumm App on your mobile.
    Remember to send at least 15 XRP to it in order to activate the account address. You need to have 10 XRP for the activation + 2 XRP for the trustline to TGO + 2 XRP for each sell or buy order you may want to send to the order book. The 10 XRP will be kept as a reserve while your account is activated. 2 XRP will also be kept as a reserve while you have the trustline set. If you unset the trustline the 2 XRP will be available again. In the same way, 2 XRP will be kept as a reserve while your buy or sell order is active or until it has been executed.
    Also remember that each transaction on the XRP Ledger burns a small amount of XRP, named Fee. So, check your available XRP to have not a zero balance, otherwise you will not be able to send transactions over the XRP Ledger.

  • Set a trustline to TGO issuer's account. You can do that by clicking here and signing the transaction with your account at Xumm App.
    TGO issuer's XRP Ledger account address: rTGoNeK6vpu28U2oE5tiqhH3x8z2jBhxv
    Currency Code: TGO
    Limit Amount: 1 Billion

  • Send XRP funds to your account address at Xumm APP. To do that, you may buy XRP at your preferred exchange and withdraw it to your self-custody account address at Xumm APP.

  • Buy TGO with your XRP funds using one of the approaches below:
    a) via a website interface to the XRP Ledger (sologenic, xrptoolkit, onXRP, etc). In this case, you should connect your Account address to the website interface, by signing this transaction with your Xumm App. After that, you can send buy and sell orders to the order book at the decentralized exchange built-in at XRP Ledger. Every order sent must be signed using your Xumm APP account. Here follows two links for sologenic web interface:
    XRP/TGO pair
    TGO/XRP pair
    b) via DEX Trade XAPP inside the Xumm App. Better than words check the video below: